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Our Public Library


Why is it so important to support our public library? 

Why give? Well, when local activities for families are minimal, technology is expensive and ever changing, and we have very few places to gather outside of our homes and workspace, the library creates a place for all to share tools, resources, knowledge, and ideas.  

Here's why:


Our library offers free educational resources to everyone. No matter your age, economic, or social status.



It's a safe haven for all community members to enjoy. And that's literally everyone, from teens to travelers, seasonal workers to seniors. It's a third space, not our homes or our workspace, where we can spend time.


We offer free internet access. A now vital service not everyone can afford, or has access to, living in or 

traveling through rural Montana.

We offer a workspace 

for telecommuters and 

travelers to work remotely. 


We preserve history. We are an incredible house of historical information and facts. 


Provide equal access opportunities for information & services, such as  for people seeking employment, making resumes, finding health insurance, filing taxes, language assistance, relocating here and all kinds of other needs. 


We protect and preserve the truth by providing free educational resources, diverse news outlets, and periodicals.


We provide a space for groups to meet. We act as a meeting center, town hall, play area for kids. Host your hobby groups & crafters, classes, workshops & speakers.


Free access to technology like computers, printers, and iPads to folks who might otherwise not be able to afford those items, or are traveling and need access.


Something to do! It's a place to connect with others, spend time with your family, visit with friends and peers. It brings us together.

Investing in your local library is an investment for the future of the entire community. Help us raise funds for a library renovation, creating the Discovery Hall. When we enhance public service organizations like our libraries, we enhance the lives and opportunities for everyone in our community. 

For over 100 years we’ve continued to learn and grow through our public library. 

An investment in our library,

is an investment in our community.

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