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Creating opportunities that inspire discovery.

We have been providing a public space for our community to learn, laugh, and grow for over 100 years. When local activities for families are minimal, technology is expensive and ever changing, and very few places to gather outside of our homes and workspaces, the library creates a place for all to share tools & resources, knowledge & ideas, a cup of tea, and a few laughs. 

"Our mission is to create opportunities for our community that inspire learning, creativity, and connection.  By providing programs, technology and a place for people to gather, the library strives to foster a community space where all belong." 

Our Resources

The library offers a wide variety of resources on site, or accessible through our inter-library exchange and online networks of digital materials. 



Our library is equipped with several different digital platforms for our community to use. From iPads, to computers, to printers, we have you covered for the tech you need!


Programs & Events

We work to offer a variety of free programs and events for both kids and adults alike. Check out our programs schedule and stay up to date on what's going on at the library! 


Historical Archives

We are proud to host a collection of local historical artifacts in our library. Come visit us to see bound collections of the Madisonian newspapers from 1897, Lewis & Clark expedition journals, and Twin Bridges High School Yearbooks, just to name a few!


Iconic Mural

in 2006, local artist Jim Shirk painted our wonderful mural on the South end of the library's exterior. We love how this makes our library stand out on main street, showcasing the value to our local history & heritage our library offers.  You can read the full article published in the Montana Standard HERE.


Don't miss out on these great tools & resources. 

Stop in & look around.

You might find more than you were looking for.

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