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Historical Archives


The Twin Bridges Library is proud to share the many historical resources we've collected with the community.  This is an excellent place to gather facts, stories, and data from letters, journals, reports, books, newspapers, and other local items. With the hope to create a special archives room through our Discovery Hall Fundraiser, we'll be able to properly display our special resources on archival shelving donated to the library!

Our archives include many historical items about Montana and the local Twin Bridges area. There are many books and materials to reference, but here are just a few: 

  • 2 Sets of the Lewis & Clark Journals

  • Madisonian Newspapers from 1897 to the present, including the Madison Monitor. 

  • 2 Sets of Pioneer Trails & Trials and the Progressive Years: a database of Madison County residents.

  • A set of Twin Bridges High School Yearbooks from 1950 to present and a written history of the local school system. 


Don't miss out on these great tools & resources. 

Stop in & look around.

You might find more than you were looking for.

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