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Discovery Hall


For over 100 years we’ve continued to learn and grow through our public library. 

Help us renovate our small town treasure.



The Twin Bridges Public Library in partnership with the Benefactors of the Library is working to raise funds for the renovation and expansion of the library to create the Discovery Hall. Having proudly served the greater Ruby Valley residents since 1918, we are seeking to celebrate over 100 years of service to the community by remodeling and updating our historic library.


This future renovation will equip the library with both a public or private room off the West end of the library.

This addition will feature: 

  • Large Conference Table 

  • Large Whiteboard for Meetings

  • Fireplace with cozy reading chairs, couches, and nooks

  • Private Research Room

  • Art & Science Learning Space

  • Archive Room

  • Seidensticker Wild Animal Exhibit 

The remodel and update of the library would allow more space for educational and art classes, presentations, a community meeting room, and quiet access for computer use. Professional archival shelving has been donated to increase the library’s capabilities for adequately storing historical materials currently in our possession. These include; bound copies of the Madisonian newspapers from 1897, Lewis and Clark expedition journals, yearbooks from the Twin Bridges School, to list a few. The Twin Bridges Library would also be able to showcase a unique animal collection donated by the local Seidensticker family.


We strive to provide a variety of free services such as reading and educational programs, internet access, archival materials, early education computers, to name a few, for its patrons and the community at large. Currently all of the services provided are held in one area with no ability to separate them, either for quiet or privacy purposes.

Not only does this create a space for community meetings, hobby groups, classes, or workshops, it creates intimate spaces for people to cozy up with a book, meet with a friend, or do homework and research. It's one of those vital 'third spaces' a community needs that does not include their home or place of work. In a small town like Twin, these special spaces hold incredible value to our community members. We hope you'll support our renovation.

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